The Coalition against Covid

By November 2020 the Covid Pandemic had already impacted almost everyone worldwide. 

November 10th though, brought with it a glimmer of hope as we heard Matt Hancock announce plans to combat Covid with the mass Rapid testing program using Lateral Flow devices. This sure enough, was followed up that week in the distribution of six hundred thousand tests to local health leaders in an effort to combat the spread of Covid. Supported further with a weekly allocation equivalent to 10% of that authorities population. 

Time for a Coalition

With the NHS already under strain, we began to see a shift in skills from available staff on the ground as they were invited to train in the administration of Lateral Flow Tests. Becoming certified Covid Support Staff ‘CSS’.

Working with a well established and respected Event Safety Organisation, Coalition was set to task on supplying the staff, from the first Testing Centre to appear in late November through to current day operations. The sheer speed in which the project needed to be implemented to be a success required the dedication and thorough sourcing and training of suitable staff to work in the safe temporary testing centres created by our Clients. 

Key Figures -  at peak of testing

Over 230 Coalition staff attended Covid Testing training days at a live operational testing centre

7 days a week testing

131 Coalition Covid Support Staff per day 

1,310 hrs worked per day 

26 Testing Locations 

121 Testing days and counting

Roles Covered - Registration Staff, Testing Assistants, Sample Analysts, Cleaning Staff, Team leaders, Site Supervisors.

Thankfully the Account Management team did not lose too much sleep! This kind of rapid scaling in the delivery of premium staff was helped along by the use of Coalition developed payment and booking platform iZero. With instant access to over 4,500 verified staff, that can be reviewed and  booked at the press of a button. 

The iZero platform enables zero hour contract staff to check in and out of shifts safely with a unique QR code enabling up to the minute data retrieval for payment reconciliation.

In line with IR35 HMRC regulations, payrolls are submitted weekly, taking care of all the individual payments and deductions for Tax, NI, Holiday Pay, Pension, Student Loans etc. 

The Coalition Continues....

As we continue into 2021 we have seen Coalition staff now trained in Molecular PCR testing and implementation of surge testing including the delivery and collection of tests. 

The demand for Covid Support Staff grows throughout the UK as does the UKAS registered testing bodies requiring the means to operate. 

Coalition are proud to continue the provision of Covid Support Staff in Mobile and Fixed locations, not only in London but throughout the UK including Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.