Client Subscriptions

If you’re making one or two bookings here and there then ‘Pay as You’ go is probably the best way to go for you. You simply pay for the jobs you book through the system when you confirm them, to register as ‘Pay as You’ sign-up as normal here and contact us once your in the dashboard so we can get you switched to ‘Pay as You’. If you are a larger organisation or putting lots of jobs through the system you may want to consider the ‘Enterprise’ package which has a monthly subscription fee.

No. of Users within organisation Unlimited
Editable Jobs
Management Fee on Booking 15%
Payment On Account - 30 Days Payment Terms
Live Expense Tracker

Freelance / Staff Subscriptions

Important to note you do set your rates for your work and there are many benefits to using this system, automated invoices / payslips and secure on time payments being some of them. See agency fee below for more detail.

Instant job messages tailored to you
Apply for Jobs Online
Update your availability
Auto CV Helps employees see your work
No. of profiles Unlimited
Smart Phone & Tablet Compatible
Profile Photos Per Role 20
Videos Per Role Upto 5 across all profiles
STRIPE FEE This fee covers your payments transaction. 0%

Still unsure and want some help setting up?

Drop us a note. If you’d like some help with your profile you’re more than welcome to swing by our office. If you and your team would like help setting up and having a live demonstration let us know, we’d love to come and show you how Coalition Live works. If you have any further questions please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.